Come hear me at php|tek 2011 in Chicago!

// May 18th, 2011 // PHP

I have had the great privilege once again to be invited to speak at the annual php|tek conference in Chicago from May 24th – 27th.  php|tek is an amazing conference.  Definitely my favorite, so being asked to speak is very flattering.  I had the pleasure to speak last year, and I guess I didn’t screw it up too bad :)  This year I will be giving TWO talks, which is awesome!  Here is what I will be speaking about…

Securing Your API

Providing an Application Programming Interface (or API) has become a crucial piece of the modern web application. API’s provide opportunities to build the ecosystem around your application, opening doors for collaboration and innovative mashups. However, the API opens up another entry point into your application, requiring that you somehow secure the access to it.

This talk will outline some of the options you have when securing your API. I’ll give overviews and implementation tips on some of the more popular schemes such as OAuth, HTTP authentication, and generating API keys. We’ll also look at some general API best practices such as rate limiting, error handling, and secure data communication.

And then….

The Last Authentication System You Will Ever Write

Your users need to sign up, authenticate, retrieve their password, change their password, etc. Building your own system takes time and resources, so why not do what developers do best…abstract it away! Places like Twitter, Facebook, and Google have given developers the sweet gift of third-party authentication, allowing your users to use their existing credentials to access your application. Learn about the pros and cons of offloading authentication to these services and see how they work while exploring options using both OpenID and OAuth.

The conference is a must-go for any PHP developer looking to take their skills to the next level.  Some of the greatest minds in PHP will be there, so sign up today and you could be too.

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